Piggy Bank Goes Wee Wee Wee, All the Way to Plane Crash

July 11, 2011 at 5:12 am | Posted in My Pig Collection, Pig Gift Ideas | 1 Comment
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Piggybank maker proudly showcasing his wares

Last weekend on the way to Sausalito for what turned out to be quite the adventure across the bay, I happened by a stand of piggy banks amongst the artisan street vendors across from the SF ferry building. After chatting with the bank maker, I bought one. Granted, it was my boyfriend Chris’s birthday, not mine, so buying myself a lil something did feel a bit…gauche, but the surprises I had in store for the birthday boy kept would-be pangs of guilt from emerging. And well, you know how it is. This little piggy bank really spoke to me:)

My new piggy bank

The bank was handmade by JONOVAN, sort of a grown-up version of paper mache, with thoughtfully placed funny pages decorating the outer shell of my new coin collector. And as a cute little touch, each JONOVAN bank comes with a (lucky?) penny in it.

If you want one of your own, simply email Don3Jon@aol.com or call 415-863-9384.

So what’s this you read about a plane crash? Well, after my spontaneous purchase, we hopped a ferry to Sausalito where a vintage 1908 tugboat awaited us. Part of the birthday surprise was that we would be bunking on a posh little tugboat overnight, after cruising Richardson Bay with captain David for a champagne sunset cruise.

Chris and I in front of the little tugboat that could

What I didn’t plan on was witnessing a small plane crash before our very eyes, or helping David and Chris pluck the plane pilot out of the cold bay as his airplane sunk, or having my photo of the plane end up on ABC. You can watch the whole story as told through pictures here.

What is the moral of this story? I have no idea. But I have a new piggy bank and my boyfriend got to feel like a hero on his birthday. All in all, a happy ending.


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  1. People often ask me, “Why piggy banks?” The idea came to me in a dream from which I awoke, sat straight up in my bed, woke up my partner and cried out, “Ill make pigs!” We were staying at an inn along the Russian River in the spring of 2000. I was nearing the end of my teaching career and looking forward to retiring in a couple of years. Never having been satisfied with “just” being a public school teacher, I have been a craftsman for more than 40 years, selling crafts during summer breaks at local fairs in Los Gatos and San Jose during the 70’s where I lived and taught school in the South Bay. In l978 I took a leave from teaching, moved to San Francisco, applied for a street artist’s license and waited 2 years before being screened for my art. I began making macrame belts and jewelry and selling them along Beach St. across from Ghirardelli Square in Fisherman’s Wharf.
    After a couple of lackluster years selling my not so well received goods, I was inspired by a fellow artist to make shellcraft animals. They were an immediate success, and soon I sold my wares at fairs and even had wholesale accounts in various craft shops in the area. I kept busy seven days a week until the earthquake of 1989 when everything came tumbling down in my studio. Shelves had fallen to the floor and most everything was broken and scaterred everywhere. In January of 1990 I went back to the security of teaching and looking forward to the future where I’d have a retirement after age 65. I did retire in 2003 and went full bore into working again as an artist, selling my dream animal. I have slowed down over the last 3 years, but still sell my craft now mainly over the summer months a day or two each week at Justin Herman Plaza across from the Ferry Building.
    Age is slowing me down, what with arthritis rapidly developing in my hands. Otherwise, at 73 I’m still creating new things each week, but not as fast as I used to.

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