Popular Blog Dogster Becomes Hogster?!

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So there’s gullible and then there’s what I am. What’s beyond gullible? Stupid? I don’t usually engage in public displays of self deprecation. I leave that to professionals like Conen O’Brian who do it for laughs. But in this case, I’m calling myself out. Here’s why:

About a month ago a friend forwarded me a blog post announcing that the popular dog lovers blog Dogster was switching formats completely. Instead of covering content that’s “up-to-dog about everything canine” they decided to re-focus their attention from dogs to hogs. Here’s an excerpt:

Dogsters, sit down. I have an announcement that might surprise some of you. Dogster will soon undergo a major change. Because of the growing popularity of pigs, Dogster is shifting direction and becoming Hogster.

Growing popularity of pigs.” Made sense to me!

I pride myself on being both a dog AND hog lover. (Exhibit A: I named my new puppy Wilbur.)

Wilbur the Puppy

But between the two, pigs are the clear underdogs, er, underhogs. So I was delighted by Dogster’s announcement. It’s about time pigs got the attention they deserved, I thought.

I shared the news with friends and loved ones, completely convinced of its authenticity and credibility. Next I planned to do a blog post about this exciting change to share with my small but dedicated readership. After re-reading the post I made my way to the Comments section:

Ha ha! Good one! Happy April Fool’s Day, everybody!

Nice try guys – but WE were not fooled. Happy April Fools day to you too!

You almost had me!!!

Almost had me, nice try, happy what day? It finally dawned on me; I had been had. 30+ commenters managed to figure out that this was just a roust. But me? My mother has repeatedly assured me that I do in fact have a very high I.Q. At that moment, I begged to differ.

To my defense, I read the blog announcement after April Fool’s Day, and didn’t think to check the date. But I’ll be the first to admit, that’s no excuse. If life is a competition, then let me graciously accept my loss by congratulating writer Maria Goodavage who penned (er, keyed?) the original post Dogster Becoming Hogster.  Whoever you are, wherever you are, you got me. You win.

Moving on, I searched for the silver lining in this dark cloud, and here’s what I found:  I didn’t publish a post about this exciting announcement before coming to my senses.(Consider yourself spared:) And who knows, perhaps this is just life’s way of telling us that someone SHOULD launch a hog blog for pig fans to network, share and learn. I can see it now. Hogster, up-to-hog about everything porcine. Any takers?



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  1. Tex,
    That is a very funny post. As the perpetrator of the April Fool’s gag on Dogster, I am happy that SOMEONE fell for it. 🙂 A few did until the end, but you do indeed get the prize for the most fooled. But we’ll cut you some slack, since you didn’t see it on April 1. I would love to see a Hogster out there. Don’t pigs need their own networking and Facebook-like pages?
    Maria Goodavage
    Hogster, er, Dogster blogger

    • Maria,
      So glad to read your comment! It made my day. I look forward to reading more from you.

  2. More appropriately would have been March first which (as I’m sure you know) is National Pig Day. But yes, Pigs do deserve their own networking sites which I’m sure would also be Pig Lovers would certainly approve!

  3. Can’t wait to meet Wilbur!

  4. Tex, Wilbur is so cute. Charlotte’s Web is one of my most favorite stories of all time! Brilliant name and so apropos! xxoo B.

  5. If Wilbur was a hog, he would still be adogable!!!.We wish Wilbur (and his new pet Tex) a long and happy life together. Hog Samaoch( happy holiday –in hebrew)

  6. am reconsidering the IQ thing.

  7. I was so excited FOR you! This is pretty funny though.


  8. Well we can see the whole mishhogpa (or is that “mishpacha” in hebrew, maybe “hogbrew?”) has come to the Texster’s defense. These Tex(t) messages have been very clever. We wholehoggedly love you anyway.

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