Pig Gift Guide 2009

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It’s holiday shopping season, in case you haven’t noticed. Below are some pig-themed gift suggestions to help you serve the needs of your swine loving pals.

In lieu of collecting these pig finds myself, I’m hoping that sharing them with you will help purge my need to actually own them.

Friends and family, please note: This is not my holiday wish list. Those who don’t know me, here’s the deal: Despite constantly reminding friends and loved ones that I am not actively seeking to add to my overly abundant pig collection, I receive numerous pig related gifts each holiday. I’m sure you fellow pig collectors can relate.

The caveat I’ve placed on receiving pig gifts is this: if it has a practical use (like the hand-blown glass pig vase my friend Laird hand delivered to me last week) or is a vintage find with lots of character, I’m willing to make exceptions:)

Side note: I realize that my caveat is rarely adhered to, as reflected in the glutinous assembly of pig tchotchkes in the creaks and crevices of my too-small cottage.

Check out these unique pig gifts, and if you find others, share them in the comments field. I’m sure my 5 blog readers will appreciate the recommendation:)

Pig earphones. Talk about practical! http://www.spoonsisters.com $12.95

Set of Mini Pig Notecards. Say what? http://www.etsy.com $3.25 for 5

Fair Trade crocheted pig. Designed and handmade by a Mom in Thailand. http://www.globalexchangestore.org $18.50

Fair Trade Piggy Bank. Pottery crafted by artisans in Chili. http://www.tenthousandvillages.com $16.00

Pig Pals Infant Outfit. Profits go to Pig Pals Sanctuary, a non-profit dedicated to the long term care of pigs. http://www.cafepress.com/pigpals $11.99

Organic cotton stuffed pig toy. Hand-sewn fabric scraps, filled with recycled fiber & eco-friendly dyed. http://www.kidbean.com $15.00

Veg Starter Kit. Encourage friends and family to Go Veg. http://www.farmusa.org FREE!

Flying Pig Art Sculptor. Made of recycled parts by artist Fred Conlon. http://www.snappyturtletrading.com $165.99

Vegetable-based Pig Soap. These “Trois Petite Cochons” come in a handmade gift box. http://www.uncommongoods.com Set of three $20.

The Humane Farming Association T-shirt. A great organization to support! www. hfa.org $12.00


Set of Mini Pig Notecards. Say what? http://www.etsy.com $3.25 for 5



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  1. oink oink oink! great ideas…..

  2. Oef Oef is what pigs say in Denmark

  3. Awesome. And porcine.

  4. I cannot fathom why you do not want pig earphones. They are so cute.

    I do hear that the key word is practical. Gotcha.

    • You know what? You’re right. The pig earphones are great. I don’t know why I don’t have them yet. The fact is, I need a pair of earphones. So if anyone is reading this, you can get them on spoonsisters.com. Ha ha ha. Shameless, I am!

  5. Visit us at http://www.funfriends.com for your OINKY collectibles – use promo code “Lori” for a 20% discount off your order.

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  8. I STILL want those earphones!

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