Question: What’s Cuter Than a Pig?

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Proud unknown member of the PNBNP family.

Answer: A pig interacting with a member of another animal species.

There’s nothing quite like watching animals from different species interact, especially if one of the animals is a pig.

One particular niche of this pig/other animal segment I like to refer to as the “PNBNP,” which stands for Pigs Nursed By Non-Pig.

Some are internet superstars, some local heroes. Here are a few PNBNP’s:

Pink and Tink Snuggle Between Feedings

Pink and Tink Snuggle Between Feedings

More than likely you’ve heard of internet superstars Tink and Pink, the dachshund mom who nursed an ailing piglet. If not, you can see photos and story here. Pink was born premature and too weak to milk from its own mother.  Tink had milk to spare, with only one surviving puppy in her litter. So the owner put 2 and 2 together and the rest is internet history. You can read more about them in my What’s New with the Daschund Nursing Piglet blog post.

Tequila and a Six Pack

Tequila and a Six Pack

Next is celebrity PNBNP citing out of Weed County, Florida. Introducing Tequila and her adopted six pack of piglets; Snowball, Junior, Mud, Freckles, Spot and Wilbur, born July 22nd, 2009.

Check out Tequila and her adopted six pack:

Apparently it works both ways. In the Greek village of Vritta, a generous sow does the nursing after ‘adopting’ four puppies who were abandoned by their mom. Watch them here.

Similarly, back in 2008 a mama pig in Laos nursed one lucky doggy as you can see in this video:

(Side Note: I was actually in Laos in 2008, but was not lucky enough to spot such a miracle:)

So there you have it, just a few examples of this inter-species nursing phenomenon. Imagine how many go unreported each year. If you know of others feel free to share with us all in the Comments.



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  1. I sure wish I could see these videos, but my internet out here in the middle of nowhere really sucks. I have a photo somehwere of my pig Ruby with our squirrel Rupert taking a ride on her back. We raised Rupert from a little pinky after my friend’s dog found him under a tree and tried to eat him. Rupert always felt comfortable around Ruby, and in the years since, I’ve found that nearly all small animals trust pigs. Our barn cat loves the farm pigs, and will ride on their backs, or use them as a bridge to get where he is going. They are always careful of him. One of our potbellies shares her pen with 2 bunnies, and she’s always gentle with them. My friend Tracey has a potbelly who cuddles with the feral kittens she is always finding on her property. You can find an adorable video of this on YouTube, I’ll see if I can find the link.

    • yes pleeeeze find these adorable videos. I had no idea there was so much animal co-mingling happening at Ruby Ranch. Sounds like absolute hog heaven to me. Any pics send my way so I can post! Who wouldn’t want to see a squirrel on a pig’s back, or pigs cuddling with bunny rabbits?

  2. Here is the link to Cleo and the kittens. So sweet,

    • thanks!!! so sweet.

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